Software Solutions

Our service experts can help you plan, develop, implement and support your systems and ensure that you get the most out of your investment. You can count on our creative solutions to get the best results for your business. Our role starts when the project implementation is over. If you need expert ongoing support, our team of professionals is available to assist you every step of the way. When IDEAS 2000 SOLUTIONS LLC, Solutions develops and/or maintains your system, you can take advantage of our favorable rates for on-going development and support. In this time sensitive, information age, downtime is unthinkable. Our maintenance service will keep your systems up and running around the clock. We will give you the best results and help you solve your toughest business challenges.
Automated Data Collection (ADC) has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. Having the accurate knowledge of your resources and capabilities is now paramount in order to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage. A mistake or delay on your part may be a major customer service disaster.
IDEAS 2000 SOLUTIONS LLC can design solutions which allow you to reduce paperwork,increase access to critical information, and efficiently track your business processes. Let us put a solution together for one of your company’s most important assets.

Solutions Provided

  • Route Accounting & Management
  • Mobile Computing
  • Warehouse Management
  • Asset Management
  • Access Control
  • Card Printing Solution
  • Time Management
  • POS Application
  • Barcoding Solution
  • Customized Solutions

Mobis EnterpriseOne

Route Automation & Inventory Management
Mobis E1 is an advanced solution for DSD, Presales and Route accounting for all variety of Distribution businesses. Mobis E1 is the key to ensuring that your sales force will always optimize every call. It eliminates paperwork, reduces error and provides comprehensive management information. MOBIS E1 has proved user friendly in a variety of Business. It's easy to learn and simple to use features result in quick adoption, improved efficiency and reduced operational cost.

Sales invoices (Cash/Credit/Salesman Credit)
• Capture Customer Information via Barcode
• Invoice routes for all Customers weekly/bi-weekly/monthly/fortnightly.
• Display respective customer’s financial information.
• Display Salesman financial information for temporary credit invoices.
• Display existing promotions for allocated customer
• Display customer messages set for specific dates.
• Allow Variable discounts based on Customer Classification.
• Allocate Check-in and Check out times for every customer
• Capture reasons for unvisited Customer/skipped customer
• Automatically create cash receipt if transaction is cash based.
• FOC invoices with supervisor password
• Allow exchanges of non moving items against new fresh items within invoices.
• Capture Batch/ Expiry Dates with auto allocation of Invoices based on FIFO.
• Latest Price Information based on Price Catalog defined at CustomerLevel.
• Invoice Miscellaneous Customers at Cash Price, incase of Customers not available in Route Plan.

A/C receivables (Cash/Credit / Salesman Credit)
• Allow to collect funds(cash/ cheques) against invoices or on A/c for customers in respective routes
• Allocate Multiple Invoices to a single Receipt.

Sales Returns
• Allow collection of rejected goods from customers of respective routes.The reason during sales return could be Good, Expired, Damaged or Near Expiry.
• Capture Expiry Dates/ Batch Numbers for Returned Items.

Vehicle/Cooler/Fuel/Helper capturing
• Capture Helper Information on a Daily Basis for Commission Purpose.
• Capture Vehicle day start KM Reading and compare with the day end reading.
• Determine the total Kilometers traveled by a salesman/Vehicle on daily basis.
• Capture cooler temperature reading.
• Capture fuel expenses at Day end of the vehicle on daily basis.

Order Taking/Special Delivery
• Allow to create item requirements at the customer site.
• Convert Sales orders to invoices after approval.
• Allocate Invoices to Delivery Boys for Customer Delivery.
Stock Information
• Display stock information available in the van with reference to Expired/Good/ Damaged/Near Expiry quantities.

Salesman Demand Entryv • Enter Stock requirements for the next route day.
• Automatically include the Demand's in the next day’s gate pass.
• Suggest the Load Qty to the Store keeper based on Sales History.
Stock Count
• Conduct a stock count in the customer warehouse and Shelves
Miscellaneous Transactions

• Defining Customer Messages/ Reminders at Customer Site.
• Maintaining Customer Assets with Predefined Remarks.
• All Interfaces available in Arabic.

Promotions handling • Create various promotions for particular Customer, Segment, Group,Region, Area,Payment Type etc for a date range with multiple selling prices.
Salesman Route Planning
• Create dynamic route customer visit schedule
• Options of daily, weekly, monthly, bi-weekly available

Individual Price Catalog
• Create various special prices and discounts (value or %) for particular customers, segments, Groups, Region, Area, Payment Type etc for a date range with multiple selling prices.
System Security Module
• Depending on user login, system security will be enabled at forms and button levels accordingly to his allocated level
Customer messaging
• Define Messages at Customer or Salesman Level.
• Pop up messages at customer site with Snooze option.
Salesman Targets
• Allow to create and evaluate Salesman/ Customer Monthly Target by Quantity or Value.

Gate pass
• Option to define a Standard Load Template per Van.
• Option to create Load for the salesman van
• Auto settlement of Stocks at Day end
• Auto Creation of variance documents, if any after closing of salesman’s Day
Cashier Module
• Reconcile all cash and cheques from the salesman and print a cash receipt voucher (CRV) with denominations.
Major Reports
• NRP view
• Salesman Settlement
• Daily summary
• Route Wise Sales Report
• Cashier Related Reports
• More comprehensive reports…

Interfacing with the back office ERP
• All master information will be interfaced from the back office ERP. Information not existing on the back office ERP will be created on the Depot Management System.
• At the day end process, data will be transferred to the ERP depending upon customer requirements.


Warehouse Management & Tracking System
IntelliTrack ,a Warehouse Management System (WMS) application that supports the day-to-day operations in a warehouse. IntelliTrack enable centralized management of tasks such as Receiving goods, Tracking Inventory Levels ,Picking and Shipping levels, Tracking Assets, Goods Transfer, Production Activities & Costing, Printing Barcodes and Capturing Serial / IMEI Number of items.IntelliTrack developed with latest .net framework and development tools which provides wide range of customization. IntelliTrack also support multiple Locations.ItelliTrack Provided Binary search which will give better scan result. Data transfer can be done by USB, FTP or Web Service

Receiving Goods
• Goods scan with Document verification
• Goods scan without Document verification.
• Goods receive document can be create.
• Serial Number / IMEI Number Can be captured .
• Production Date/ Expiry Date can be captured.
• Document can be imported from ERP.
• Multiple locations, Bins and Zone.

Goods Issue
• Goods scan with Document verification
• Goods scan without Document verification.
• Sales Order document can be create.
• Serial Number / IMEI Number Can be captured .
• Suggested list for Goods Picking location, Bin and Zone Provided.
• Document can be imported from ERP.

Tracking Goods (Stock)
• Scan with Document verification
• Scan without Document verification.
• Serial Number / IMEI Number Can be captured .
• Allow Multiple Unit Of Measure.
• Option to capture Item Status.
• Option to change Group Or Subgroup of item.

Goods Transfer
• Scan with Document verification
• Scan without Document verification.
• Transfer document can be create.
• Allow Multiple Unit Of Measure.
• Transfer Can be done for Zone, Bin or Locations.

Production Issue
• Scan Raw materials
• Scan based on Production Order.
• Production Issue document can be create.

Production Receive
• Scan Finished Items
• Scan based on Production Order.
• Production Receive document can be create.
• Production Date And Expiry Date Calculated.
• Barcode (1D, 2D & QR) can be Printed.
• Barcode printing for Item, Shelf Bin & Zone etc..
• Scan Discarded Materials.

• Scan Source Location/Bin and Items
• Scan Target Location/Bin and Items.
• Scan with/without Document verification

PC Application
• All Document can be Imported from ERP or external document (Excel)
• Audit,Consolidated & Variance Report for each Modules
• All reports can be customized.
• All Reports can be exported(ERP,Excel etc..)
• Security Modules provided with user permissions
• Inventory can be updated by Creating Stock Adjustment document.
• More comprehensive reports…


Attendance & Payroll Management System

IntelliTime is an advanced solution for managing Attendance, Payroll, Project labor Costing & Manage all your HR administrative actions from a central location. It eliminates paperwork, reduces error and provides comprehensive management information. ItelliTime has proved user friendly in a variety of Business. It's easy to learn and simple to use features result in quick adoption, improved efficiency and reduced operational cost.

• Multilevel grouping for Employees
• All Masters can be created locally or Imported from ERP .
• Centralized information .
• GPS Tracking for project locations.
• Transactions can be exported to ERP.
• Multilevel Security module.
• Download/Upload can be scheduled.
• Employee ID Card Printing
• Device Management

Attendance Management
• Track Attendance,Time & Performance.
• Track Absenteeism, Missed Transactions & Holidays.
• Geo location tracking for mobile check-in and check-out.
• Integrate the Attendance system with attendance terminals.
• Finger Print, RFID , Face recognition, Password can be used.
• Late In & Early Out rules can be defined.
• Transactions can be approved or Rejected.

Leave Management
• Custom leave types.
• Centralized view of all employee leave information.
• Location based Holidays.
• Vacation List of Employees.

Shift Management
• Multiple Shift Can be created.
• Shift wise overtime.
• Shift allocation to employees - Date wise, Weekly or monthly.
• Open Sift can be created.

• Generated reports can be Customized & Export.
• Transaction Audit Report, Missed Transactions & Absenteeism Reports.
• Late In / Early Out Reports.
• Over Time, Shifts & Employee Performance report.
• Transaction Status Reports.
• Rejected or UnApproved Transaction List .
• Attendance register & Pay slip.
• More comprehensive reports…